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Towards Individually Tailored Education for the Masses

Credx is on a mission to bring individually tailored learning experiences to the masses through guided online learning.

Life-long Education

We believe education is a life-long process and doesn't end or stop when one leaves a classroom or graduates from a degree.

Balanced Programs

Many fundamental components of growth and learning are ignored in today's educational systems; we aim for a balance.

Support Networks

We believe a large part of learning is finding your path and that can be made much easier with the help of the right mentors.

Navigate Life
Explore, Ponder, & Experience

Our vision is an educational system that enables a generation of thinkers through exploration, critical thinking, and actual working experience.

For Collaborators

We’re constantly exploring new relationships with academia and the industry in .

If you’re passionate about education, teaching, and growth and think you have something unique to offer; Credx can be your portal to the world of limitless possibilities.

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