Programming Internship

Learn then Intern,

Get the support & motivation you need to become a programmer, fast.

Access to Mentorship

Peer-support Community

Job search Support

a different methodology

learn through taking hands-on action along with peer-group support and mentorship

1. Join a Developer Club

As a first step, you will join a Developer Club of your choice based on your career goals and interests. This will get you access to:

  • Hands-on Learning Path
  • Peer Support Group
  • Mentorship & Coaching

1. Join a Developer Club

2. Follow the Learning Path

2. Follow the Learning Path

The Learning Path is a unique educational experience that is very hands-on and keeps you motivated at all times.

As you move through the path, you will bit by bit build out your very own complex application that incorporates all your learnings.

3. Get Constant Support

As you move through the Learning Path and build out your very own application, you will be challenged, however your Developer Club has your back!

You can reach out to your peers and mentors any time for support through the community chat.

3. Get Constant Support

4. Start your Internship​

With the successful completion of your Learning Path, you are ready to start your internship if you choose to get a guaranteed internship placement!

5. Land a Job & Grow your Career​

Upon completion of your internship, you can choose to continue your membership in your Developer Club to get access to exclusive job opportunities, master classes, mentorship, and a powerful network to fuel your career growth.

Your Money Back, Guaranteed

Upon completion of your guaranteed internship, you will be ready to enter the job market as a software developer with 6 months of work experience. OR your money back!

and a different philosophy

we will expose you to what school & university never prepared you for:

learning to learn and think for yourself

Pathway to your Internship

Learn & Intern Programs are designed to teach you to code and carry out a guaranteed programming internship so you could build work experience and break into the job market quickly.

Choose your Developer Club

Our team will help you choose a Developer Club that's right for you; with focuses ranging from No-Code programming to Backend development and Machine Learning.

Learn to Code

Learn to program at your own pace, get access to mentors, and exchange peer support with members of your Club to get ready for your guaranteed Internship opportunity.

Start your Internship

Get a guaranteed internship placement and put your programming skills to test in a real world setting; all the while building a resume for yourself and getting ready for your first job.

Get Started with a Learn & Intern Program

Take these steps now

Select a Club

Choose the right Developer Club based on your interest and career goals.


Enroll into your Club of choice to get started right away.

Get Started

Start your guided learning journey in the Developer Club & prepare for your internship.

Money Back Guarantee

get an internship or a full refund

In a fast paced world where almost any career you choose to pursue relies on programming or will very soon, our mission is to help you break into tech as quickly as possible to keep up with the challenging nature of the times.

We will pass down our learnings to you so you don’t have to go through any of the difficulties we had to go through when we were once in your shoes.

To make sure we’re on target with our mission, we will guarantee the full amount back ($1750) if you don’t get your guaranteed internship placement.

Python-Django Backend Club

This is the ultimate programming internship path for breaking into the world of application development, designed for anyone with minimal or no knowledge of software development and programming.

Machine Learning Club

This is the right path for you if you’re looking to make your way into the field of AI. The Machine Learning internship stream will start from basic programming knowledge and prepare you for an internship placement.

No-Code Application Development Club

The no-code application development path is designed for those who want to enter the world of tech without the hassles of learning how to code! It’s perfect for those who’d like to develop Minimum Viable Products for their entrepreneurial ventures or those looking to become freelancers.

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Break Into Tech Regardless of Your Disadvantages

If you cannot afford our programs, don’t worry, we have you covered! Credx Academy’s programs are designed to be affordable by default, however if you’re struggling financially or aren’t able to afford the subscription fees, you can contact us and we will work with you to make sure you’re not denied access to the world of tech!

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